LY-F521(GT-PAD, M801)のファーム(0719版)

Thank you, tinybeetle.

New version 20110719 ROM

で、Japanese BBSがさらに元ネタと言う話ですが、どこなんでしょう。低価格スレにはなさそうだし。
更に元ネタとなるとChinese BBSだと思うのだけど、これも99padには無さ気。


・マーケットのMy appsが表示されるようになった。

Filesystem Size Used Free Blksize
/dev 187M 32K 187M 4096
/broadcasting 1024K 0K 1024K 4096
/mnt/asec 187M 0K 187M 4096
/mnt/obb 187M 0K 187M 4096
/system 260M 150M 109M 4096
/data 670M 124M 545M 4096
/cache 60M 17M 42M 4096
/mnt/sdcard/tflash 15G 7G 7G 32768


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「LY-F521(GT-PAD, M801)のファーム(0719版)」への7件のフィードバック

  1. HELP! I need rom for this tablet :(:


    This is where I am now: I had given up trying to root this tablet, and I tried a FW upgrade to solve some minor issues using this:…ayer_embedded#

    but now it won’t boot! I just see the fish and the bubbles but like in a 16 bits resolution, with colors all messed up, and doesn’t do anything else. The whole procedure didn’t report any issues but now I’m stuck with a “fail safe mode” or something like that.

    So I tried to do this:….php?t=1119778, but I didn’t get anywhere, ‘cause if I’m pressing the back button and I keep holding the power switch down (I don’t have a power button, it’s a sliding switch like it’s shown in the video) keeps powered off, and if I hold the back button and just slide the power switch releasing it, nothing happens either. Same thing with home button and the other one.

    So I went back to the “FWDN_V7_v2.13.exe” and started to try roms with no luck (once I got a chinese splash screen instead of the messed up fish, but by the end of the process the tablet started to reboot over and over again).

    Can please someone help me to go back where I started? That is, with a tablet with no root access and with some minor issues. If you can point me to the right rom that I can load with FWDN_V7_v2.13.exe will be great! Also will be nice to be able to recovery boot, so I can try this:….php?t=1119778.

    Here’s what I know about the tablet:

    MID TCC8803 Cortex A8 with android 2.3.3, somewhere in the user manual says LY-F521, and in the chinese part of that manual also says EM72/EM73, surrounded by characters that I don’t understand
    Has HDMI, Camera, capacitive touchscreen. 800×480

  2. to Guillermo

    Yours is not same product as I have.
    resolution is not the same. my tablet has 1024×600.

  3. I bought this tablet through the site:

    After several days the system started to android operational problems and installed cyanogem a ROM, but does not work HDMI, and a variety of otherfunctionality.

    Cound anyone indicate a site where i can download the original rom and alsoan explanation of how I can activate FWDN mode.



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