Allwinner A10 – Cyanogenmod 10 preview3がリリース

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Allwinner A10用 Cyanogenmod 10 preview3 がリリース


Known Bugs

  • HW accelerated video playback (cedar’s demuxer is incompatible with JB) so video playback is only in SW mode. Youtube works fine, just don’t use HD videos and everything will play. MX Player in “Fast S/W” mode will play almost everything up to 720p
  • If you have issues with Tablet -> PC connection use an app to transfer files via WiFi, like “Airdroid”. You can flash this zip as workaround. To mount memories on PC open terminal emulator and type “su”, “mount-storage”. When you have finished you can type “umount-storage”. If you wanna you can create a shortcut with GScript app.


Preview 3

  • Updated cm10 sources
  • Added camera support
  • NOTE: cema10n7 and d90w require compatibility zip 1.2.1; legacy-jb require “v4” compatibility zip.

Preview 2

  • Updated cm10 sources
  • Added NTFS / ExFat support
  • Added HDMI support
  • Added wakelock when connected to PC (adb won’t die anymore when you turn off the screen)
  • Included Allwinner’s ICS source code




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