Iconia Tab A500 – [EPIC WIP]OmniROM 4.4.2 A500/A501 – V7が出てます


[EPIC WIP]OmniROM 4.4.2 A500/A501 – V7


  • v7

    • update lockscreen blur/notification settings
    • better libs optimizations
    • better gpu optimizations
    • add option to format(really format) data to ext4/btrfs/f2fs during installation
    • kernel update to t54(
    • fix cpu/boost control permissions
  • v6.1

    • fix lockscreen notifications disabled FC
    • fix openssh
    • kernel t53 (backport f2fs 3.14 over 300 patches)
    • add support for system/data/cache f2fs
    • f2fs tools included in the rom
    • recovery add-on zip with f2fs tools (recovery does not support f2fs so… you can format partition in it from adb shell in recovery “mkfs.f2fs /dev/block/mmcblk0p8” for data, cache f2fs not recommended since recovery uses it and doesn’t support f2fs) – download in stuff to know section
  • v6

    • drop acer prebuilt ril option for a501
    • a501 pin keypad should be fixed
    • updated android terminal
    • permission fix for bluetooth
    • speedup cache regeneration by ~200%
    • more battery “icon” options
    • add animation options(listview included and more)
    • add clock font change option
    • omniswitch rework update
    • lockscreen blur options(in security options)
    • lockscreen notifications(in security options)
    • kernel update to t52(nothing special just ubuntu updates for 3.8 and newer compiler)



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