Ainol Novo7 Elf2/Aurora2/Crystal CM10 2012-11-17 がリリース

ainol novo7 elf2 記事一覧

Cyanogenmod 10 2012-11-17 がリリース

Christian Troy氏作の最新版が上がっていました。


  • Ainol ELF-II
  • Ainol Aurora-II
  • Ainol Crystal
  • Ramos W22 PRO
  • Ainol Fire / Flame


slatedroid thread



  • Other minor stuff
  • Updated upstream sources


  • Added reboot to recovery (you must have flashed CWM to the NAND or it will boot to stock recovery)
  • Aurora-II / Elf-II: new compatibility zip (fixes stuck g sensor for people that had problems)
  • Other minor stuff
  • Updated upstream sources


  • Fixed Netflix 2.x compatibility
  • Potential fix for the few games that were still having a choppy/stuttering audio
  • Aurora-II / Elf-II: fixed unresponsive WiFi when the screen was turned off
  • Other minor stuff
  • Updated upstream sources


  • Updated compatibility zips for Elf, Aurora and Crystal
  • Re-inserted missing file that broke wifi
  • Increased amplayer buffer; flash videos using latest apk work decently and in hw mode. Sometimes you may not hear audio but toggling fullscreen mode will fix it.
  • Other minor stuff
  • Updated upstream sources


  • Updated many compatibility zips, please check the section below
  • Fixed HDMI (dual display and single panel) on Fire
  • Updated elf/aurora DHD driver (and moved to NL80211 mode instead of WEXT)
  • Cherry-picked “bionic: Add ARMv7 optimized string handling routines” commit
  • Other minor stuff
  • Updated upstream sources


  • Fire / Flame: new compatibility zip
  • Updated amlogic video playback library (now seek is working in apps like YouTube)
  • Added “Expanded desktop” capabilities (enable it from Power Menu’s settings to be able to hide status bar)
  • Other minor stuff
  • Updated upstream sources


  • Now ELF-II requires a compatibility zip too. I’ve removed boot.img from the main rom because if someone with a Fire forgets the compatibility zip he can damage the touchscreen. So better safe than sorry, just add the compatibility zip in the pipe of the flashing files
  • ELF-II: updated kernel (added BFQ I/O scheduler as default and enabled cgroup_autosched).
  • Aurora-II: updated kernel (new compatibility zip includes a kernel very close to the ELF-II one)
  • Crystal: moved to ELF-II kernel
  • Ramos W22 PRO: updated compatibility zip, now both cameras should work
  • Fire / Flame: initial support for both TM/QM screens
  • Removed PPP Widget since it was causing troubles to Crystal’s wlan
  • Android detects both usbnet/eth ethernet (to use ethernet you have to type these commands from terminal emulator: “su; netcfg eth0/usbnet0 up; netcfg eth0/usbnet0 dhcp”)
  • Other minor stuff
  • Updated upstream sources


  • Bump Android version to 4.1.2
  • Fixed (maybe) pops during sleep
  • Aurora-II: download new compatibility zip v2.0 (1.5 GHz enabled; built with linaro 4.7 and CFLAGS optimization)
  • Crystal: added initial support
  • Other minor stuff
  • Updated upstream sources



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